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Karena saya berniat untuk melanjutkan studi di The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Inggris, saya diminta untuk menulis personal statement dalam Bahasa Inggris untuk mendukung aplikasi. Jurusan yang saya tuju adalah MSc Human Resources and Organisations. Berikut adalah personal statement yang pernah saya tulis dan bisa secure a place in LSE for intake 2017. Hopefully, juga bisa secure funding untuk melanjutkan studi. Amiiin…


Personal Statement: Andrio

Pursuing my passion in people development has been started since I was in college. I found out that I was attracted to the notion of finding talents and brought them to succeed. Back then, I was responsible of a student organization as its chief. To have a dream team, I created an open recruitment process for all students who want to be part of the team. After that, I interviewed them one by one, considering their suitability to the organization’s needs. When I chose the names, I kept in mind in regards their potentials and possibilities to develop them to establish an effective organization. One of the most important thing was providing opportunities for high potential members as well as had them prepared to take the responsibilities through sharing and coaching program. Due to the organization’s commitment to develop the team members, it was awarded as the runner up of “The Best Student Organization” at university level during my tenure.

The college experience brought me to the student exchange program in Australia and Indonesia, three and two months at each country respectively. Selected as the only representative from Riau province, I promoted Indonesia culture to Australian while I learned about foreign culture. During the program, I adapted to their way of life and cooperated with them at any levels. I did introduce Indonesia culture by teaching them the traditional dance. In Indonesia, along with counterpart from Australia, we did teaching English to local society and promoted ecotourism to senior high schools. I noticed that sharing and teaching have become an inseparable part of my life. From this program, my confidence and communication skills were developed, especially when building communication with foreigners and local communities.

Soon after the exchange program, I took part in Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar (Indonesia Teaching Movement) program as one of 47 teachers / community organizers in rural areas selected from more than 5,000 applicants to develop both education quality and local society. It’s been a challenging year for me to change the behavior of teachers, students and local societies. What challenges me a lot was their perception that their life was good enough. Why should bother reaching something better. For most of them, graduated from primary school was more than enough to live with. Therefore, I kicked off the development program by understanding local culture and building strong communication with local stakeholders. Gradually, the program was started from sport to art till ended at educational development. My intention to develop the village was well paid. The village head in cooperation with local government had secondary high school built nearby the village and promoting education continuation in the village.

When I was thinking about what I was good at, “developing people” was undoubtedly the main keywords. Going deeper, becoming “socially impactful” had been a career aspiration for me. I chose to continue my role as teacher but a friend of mine challenged me. He said it’s easy to teach pupils. Nevertheless, how about furnishing my experience in teaching adults? It would be more challenging and surely broaden impact to others. Considering the idea, I decided to build my career in poles apart area, from NGO to multinational company, from teaching pupils to teaching adults. The choice that I had at that time was Human Resources Management team, specifically as Training and Development Officer. Through this position, I believed that I could continue what I enjoyed the most and brought me happiness; developing others.

To support my personal goal, I’d secured several certifications, to name a few, Belbin Accredited Facilitator, Training Design and Delivery Program, and Training for Trainer. Most of the trainings I’ve attended equip me with transferrable skills which I could deliver to others at the company. For that reason, I initiated two internal trainings delivered by internal trainers from both factory and office, i.e. Safety Riding and Forklift Safety training. I identified their potential in cooperation with the managers before had them trained as the internal trainers. This could be done due to the skills that I acquired after attended the training. I consider myself as an effective communicator and influencer, both within the HR team and inter department. I’m also capable of presenting training material energetically, e.g. the Leadership Training and Business Behaviour Styles (BBS) which will equip employees with skills to understand the variety of communication types. Additionally, I joined MOOC in Coursera to study “Learning How to Learn” and recently read “Mindset” and “The Power of Habits” to broaden my horizon in people development, especially in changing their way of thinking and habits through the mindset transformation.

On the other hand, after four years working as a professional, I’m aware of two big challenges that the company encountered, especially when dealing with people development. Firstly, the guidance of ideal competencies required for every position has not been established yet. Consequently, HR and managers have no strategic plan on developing its people. The development program was only based on the current needs of the company without looking far to the future. Secondly, when changes occur in business, company’s strategic planning to deal with the challenges was not prepared, e.g. managing employees who are resistance to change, especially those at senior level. When I discussed with my manager what should the company do, I realized that I need to broaden my knowledge in Human Resources Management. It’s good to develop people but I need to ensure that this program align with the company’s vision. Then, I decided to equip myself with a well-rounded knowledge in HR by continue my study to postgraduate degree.

After two months of research, I found a program that suited my current need, MSc in Human Resources and Organizations with specialization in Organisational Behaviour at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). This course combines knowledge from many different disciplines which will help me to acquire better understanding in managing people at work. Moreover, through this concentration, I will learn practical steps to understand the team dynamics by mastering the “people skills” to manage the impact that individuals, groups and organization structures have on behavior within organizations. I’ve considered each course in this program carefully and comes to conclusion that the “Management of Human Resources: Strategies and Policy” will surely equip me with knowledge on the strategy to create development planning and deploy the training programs to contribute to the company’s performance. Moreover, since I’m looking for knowledge on how to deal with changes in the company while ensuring the new knowledge related to the changes is well organized, I’m aspired to take the “Organisational Change” and “Knowledge Processes in Organizations” courses as the compulsory and optional modules respectively.

To sum up, I sincerely hope to continue my study to build up my knowledge, skills and attitudes to pursue my short-term career as People Development Specialist and eventually my long-term career as Consultant. I truly believe that learning about Human Resources Management with specialization in Organisational Behaviour in LSE, a world-leading university in social science, will provide me with proven theories and best-practices that I can adopt to support my career plan as well as my contribution to the company or organization.


Kisah Wazir dan Sultan



“Win through your actions, never through argument”

Dahulu, ada seorang Wazir (penasihat) yang terkenal setia dan bijaksana melayani Sultan-nya. Wazir tersebut tidak pernah mengeluhkan pekerjaannya dan selalu melalukan yang terbaik bagi Sultan. Sang Sultan pun mempercayakan hal-hal yang penting kepada Wazir. Sayangnya, ia memiliki beberapa musuh di kerajaan yang iri hati terhadap loyalitasnya pada Sultan.

Musuh-musuhnya bersekongkol memfitnah Wazir dengan menyatakan bahwa Wazir tidak loyal terhadap Sultan.

Sultan yang terpengaruh kemudian memanggil Wazir kehadapannya untuk diadili. Sultan memutuskan hukuman mati bagi Wazir atas tuduhan pengkhianatan. Sebagai hukumannya, Wazir akan dilahap anjing-anjing ganas yang siap memangsanya.

Anehnya, Wazir memutuskan untuk tidak mengajukan satu gugatan pun atas putusan Sang Sultan. Namun, Wazir hanya menyampaikan permintaan terakhir sebelum ia dieksekusi. Ia meminta waktu 10 hari agar dapat mencari penjaga anaknya setelah ia dieksekusi. Dia juga berjanji tidak akan melarikan diri.

Sang Sultan mengabulkan permintaan terakhir tersebut.

Sesampainya di rumah, Wazir langsung mengambil sekantong emas yang dia simpan bertahun-tahun lamanya dan langsung kembali ke istana. Disana, ia bertemu dengan penjaga anjing dan menanyakan apakah ia dapat membeli anjing-anjing tersebut. Penjaga anjing tidak dapat menolak tawaran tersebut dan menyerahkan sekawanan anjing ganas pada Wazir.

Selama 10 hari, Wazir merawat dan menjaga anjing-anjing tersebut dengan sangat baik. Ia menghabiskan sebagian besar waktunya untuk memperhatikan mereka. Bahkan keluarganya sempat terheran-heran dengan perilakunya.

Setelah 10 hari, tibalah saatnya eksekusi akan dilaksanakan. Sang Wazir terlihat tenang menunggu eksekusinya. Ia diikat dan dimasukkan ke tempat dimana ia akan diserang anjing ganas. Semua orang termasuk Sultan terkejut menyaksikan apa yang terjadi di hadapannya. Anjing-anjing tersebut tidak menyerang Wazir, sebaliknya malah bermain-main dan menyalak kegirangan karena bertemu majikannya.

Sultan masih kebingungan dengan apa yang baru saja ia lihat. Sultan kemudian meminta agar Wazir dibawa ke hadapannya untuk menjelaskan apa yang sudah terjadi. Sang Wazir menyampaikan pada Sultan bahwa dia hanya melakukan hal yang sederhana. Dia menunjukkan belas kasih, dedikasi dan kesabaran pada anjing-anjing tersebut dalam waktu 10 hari. Hal yang sama, bahkan lebih, juga sudah ia tunjukkan pada Sultan selama 30 tahun melayani Sultan beserta keluarga kerajaan. Sayangnya, kesetiaannya dibalas dengan hukuman mati hanya dikarenakan mendengar fitnah dari musuh-musuhnya.

Sultan pun menyadari kesalahan yang telah ia lakukan. Ia langsung membebaskan Wazir dan memberinya pakaian yang sangat bagus. Sultan juga menyerahkan orang-orang yang sudah mencoba merusak reputasi Wazir. Wazir memaafkan orang yang telah memfitnah dirinya dan memperlakukan mereka dengan baik.


Learning point:

Put them into commentary boxes, will you? 🙂


Diadopsi dari “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene


You are what you think


Art by Leo Tabibzadegan

Watch your thoughts, they become words.

Watch your words, they become actions.

Watch your actions, they come habits.

Watch your habits, they become your character.

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.