Presenting successfully

The advent of technology has both complicated and simplified the task of the speaker. For example, today it is possible to produce complex graphs on a computer, display them digitally with a projector, and present them via internet. But how much information should be put on that graph? And most important, where does that graph fit into the Organizational Diamond (OD) of the presentation as a whole?

This Presentation Skills training answers the fundamental questions of how to prepare and deliver a great presentation. Proven techniques are provided to help participants learn the skills needed to give more confident, enthusiastic, and persuasive presentations. Topics covered include how to use body language effectively, how to organize ideas and data for maximum impact, how to deliver what you’ve prepared. This training provides simple and practical suggestions on giving more effective presentations.

The Basics

  • Preparing an effective presentation
  • Analyzing your audience
  • Understanding the Organizational Diamond (OD)
  • Planning with the OD

The Language

  • Language focus – introducing yourself and your topic
  • “Signposting” your ideas
  • Finishing off professionally
  • Handling questions


The Delivery

  • Avoiding “Death by PowerPoint”
  • Controlling your body language


The Presentation

  • Recording of individual presentations
  • Evaluation and round-up