ImageSpeaking is considered as the most important skill in learning English by some people. That’s the reason why people take English course to help them to achieve their target to speak with foreigners. In my opinion, a group study or English community can be more effective to help people to be able speaking in English confidently.

Personally, I never had a will to enroll myself to an English course. I chose to join English community when I was in Pekanbaru, namely EZ (English Zone). The facilitators were foreigners and they provided a group of students with a wide range of issues around the world. But since I have moved to Bekasi, I never have that kind of precious chance. Fortunately, I secured an opportunity to learn English through EF Online and I can access this website anytime and anywhere as long as the internet connection is available. It provides group study section where registered student in EF around the world can greet and learn together in one group guided by a teacher. The student have a privilege to learn whatever they want to learn. Hooray…

I will try to provide an overview of study material in the next posts. 🙂