“I love you, I’m happy”

After taking a break for quite some time, I decided to push my self to write a story. It is something that I have never done before. I’m going to write a story of someone that I know a lot and his girlfriend. Both of them has decided to do something that he never imagined before. Out of the blue, he proposed his girlfriend to be his fiancee in the middle of the rain on their way back home. There was no image of him standing in front of his girlfriend and kneeling to ask for her approval. Nothing like that because life is not something that you can see in movies. Or he has no idea, creativity or even bravery to do that. He really did that without thinking further about his plan to continue his study, leave alone the cost for a wedding party. Later he told me that he just love her. He would put himself into a journey where they could live together with her till the death do them apart. Sounds cliche but they were just smiling whilst thinking of a new adventure that’s waiting for them in the very near future. Although both of them are still young and just started their career, they decided to take whatever it takes to make it happen. 🙂